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2 Commonly Asked Questions About Starting Your First Adult Ballet Class For Beginners


In Australia, an increasing number of adults are taking up ballet for the first time. Many ballet schools around the country now offer beginner ballet classes for adults, with many even offering seniors' ballet classes as well. For some people, taking ballet classes as an adult may be a way to fulfil a childhood dream, for others it may simply be a way to increase fitness, increase flexibility and to enjoy the social nature of group classes.

Whichever reason you may have for starting ballet classes, you may be feeling a little bit anxious in the lead up to your first class. Here are two commonly asked questions about starting ballet lessons that you might have.

1. What clothing do I need?

Although traditional ballet classes required a leotard, this is not strictly necessary for modern, adult classes. Leotards are preferable because they provide freedom of movement and allow your teacher to observe and adjust your body lines during the class. However, if you're not comfortable in a tight-fitting leotard, regular sporting gear is fine as long as it's non-restrictive.

For ballet, it is important to have a proper pair of ballet shoes. These should be made from soft, pliable leather that lets your feet flex comfortably and also allows your feet to breathe. While you don't need to spend a fortune on professional quality shoes, it's wise to buy a pair that is good quality so that they are comfortable and will last you for a decent length of time.

2. What other gear do I need?

Although ballet isn't quite as high impact and energetic as some other dance styles, it will still provide you with a workout that builds up a sweat. In this sense, you should treat your ballet class like any group fitness class and pack a dedicated ballet bag to take with you.

Make sure that you take along a small sports towel to dry yourself off and a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated. You might also like to keep a small, light and nutritious snack in your bag to refuel yourself with after. A light sweater or cardigan is also a good idea, even during the summer months, to maintain your temperature as your body cools down post-class.

The only thing you'll need to take is yourself and an optimistic attitude. Although you may feel a little nervous and self-conscious, the class will be full of other beginners who are probably feeling a similar way that you can begin your new ballet journey alongside.


10 November 2017